Harsh and Yash Guest house:bodhgaya

Bodhgaya Overview

Bodh Gaya is the place where Gautama Buddha attained unsurpassed, supreme Enlightenment. It is a place which should be visited or seen by a person of devotion and which would cause awareness and apprehension of the nature of impermanence".

    The life of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is associated with the small town of Bodhgaya. It is one of the holiest dities of Buddhist faith. Tread reverently along the ancient path. Begin with the Mahabodhi tree where something strange happened-realization of truth or spiritual illumination.

About Guesthouse

"...Small family run guesthouse with a range of low priced rooms. Hot shower, clean rooms, and small balcony to hang out and watch the goats graze in the fields.

Owner was very nice also. No tv or anything fancy like that...."

"We offer a wide variety of services and amenities that you simply won't find in any other guest house, including:

A comfortable room
A comfortable lounge area"